BREAKING NEWS: The Technical Analysts Guild Releases Groundbreaking New Offer for the Point & Figure Mastery Bootcamp Attendees:

For the first time ever, you can access to the TOP Indicator - included in your TAG membership - and pay ONLY a fraction of the regular price.

After spending years educating and helping thousands of traders become profitable, we decided to challenge ourselves in an all new way: To build a community of people who focus on Creating Life Abundance, Wealth and Freedom via the correct approach, study and Implementation of Technical Analysis. And to do so for a reasonable low price.

That’s exactly what we’re offering to you right now…

LIVE Training Sessions Every Monday!

Every week, you and I get into LIVE training sessions with your fellow members for the sole purpose of:

Improving Your Forecasting Abilities

We accomplish this by studying all the disciplines that Technical Analysis has to offer, from Candlestick Patterns, to the Elliott Wave Principle; from Bar Patterns to Point & Figure Charting; from Trend Lines to the study of Cycles.

Experience a life transformation on your Psychology

We’ll accomplish this by having sessions entirely devoted to Trading Psychology. But during these sessions we’ll be covering far more than just “Behavioural Finance”, we will go in depth on everything that will help you maximise your growth, have more confidence, self esteem and Harmony in your ENTIRE Life.

I’ll reveal to you a a Goal Achievement process that uses past successes to reprogram your unconscious to achieve your goals.

Transform your Trading Results

We’ll do this by helping you transform into a REAL Financial Technician and providing you with all the knowledge you need to overcome your unconscious habit patterns that stop you from achieving what you want.

Additionally, we’ll be granting you access to my Daily Forex Forecast where we take REAL trades in at least 6 of the most traded Forex Pairs.

Coaching Sessions Every Thursday!

Personal Help: On Thursdays we have our coaching sessions where I personally help you to get your trading and analysis to where you want it to be.

You can get your Elliott labels reviewed by me and I personally help you to get a better count, interpretation and forecast.

I’ll also help you clarify your doubts and implement any of the Technical Tools that we discuss during our Monday sessions.

Anything you need, we do it together… LIVE every single week.

But that’s not all because I am also giving you…

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Bonus No. 1

Access to our Daily Forex Forecast

Normally Sold for $200 Per Month

Being a member of the Guild doesn’t stop at acquiring a vast knowledge

on Technical Analysis, you also get my Daily Forex Forecast where

I help you stay ahead of the waves in 6 Forex Currency Pairs.

NEW!  Now we're also including the S&P Mini

Better Decisions: The Daily Forex Forecast gives you timely, objective, expert analysis, so you can make smarter trading decisions.

Total Honesty: I’ll tell you the good, the bad and the ugly. The different counts and interpretations, key levels to observe and the implications on 6 of the most traded Foreign Currency Pairs when I am clear about the pattern in progress and when I am not.

Large Range of Time Frames: For my analysis I use timeframes that range from intraday to weekly charts, so you can apply the forecast regardless your time horizon.

Get ALL You Need: You get my labeled charts, succinct commentary, stop placement, price targets and key support and resistance levels.

Daily Updates: The updates are posted daily and they are designed for serious market professionals and individuals who have at least a basic knowledge of the Elliott Wave Principle and traditional Technical Analysis.

Trade Alerts: Included in my analysis, not only I give you the next anticipated market direction, but I often present you with trade opportunities worth to consider and when applicable, the subsequent managing of such trades.

The only other way to have access to all this information and be coached by me on regular basis would be by taking part in one of my elite mentoring programs and they go from $7,500 all the way to $25,000

Hi Professor, in the spirit of the tenets of trading habits, I would like express my gratitude to you... 

This week I have reached a personal goal... on the GBPAUD and on the AUDUSD... I was blessed to close the week with 5k of profit. 

It's not the profit I'm grateful for... it's the fact that my trading plan is getting better and better every month, every lesson with you seems to reveal a new dimension of knowledge and practical experience.  And most of all your good heart and person that is spending so much effort in teaching how we all could trade and become  better individual and free. 

There are no words to express my gratitude for the way my life, this passion and the way of life I really want to create for my familly is becoming a reality and that I'm be able to share this abundance.

 THANK YOU Sensei!!!

Esther Zachariasse


Bonus No. 2

The T.O.P Indicator

Originally Sold for $997.00
and not available at any price: Yours FREE

The TOP Indy is a proprietary indicator developed by Prof. Aldo Lagrutta - a certified market technician from the International Federation of Technical Analysts - to trade ANY market and dramatically increase your trading results and profits…

…while giving you CONFIDENCE in the trade and making your trading decisions EASIER! This is all accomplished by reducing the number of variables you have to consider before taking a position. And most certainly WITHOUT feeling any stress or doubts.

In order to avoid the natural uncertainty of trading, TAG includes FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME a unique cluster of indicators that provides you with an exceptional combination of signals put together so you can trade any market with the certainty and peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a deployable and predictable strategy that generates consistent results for you.

This indicator will work for you even if you have been losing all your trades and use a very poor trading strategy.

Yes, you heard correctly! The TOP Indy used in conjunction with even poor trading strategies will cause that strategy to become more reliable.

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Exclusive Offer: If you choose the annual plan you will get Full-access to FOUR of our Best Courses!

This is what you'll get if you go with our annual plan:

Bonus No. 1

Elliott Wave Made Easy Video Course

Originally Sold for $2,500.00
and not available at any price: Yours FREE

4 Week Video Training Implementation Program

Module 1: Overview and everything you need to know about Trends
Module 2: Motive Waves: Impulses and Diagonals
Module 3: Corrective Waves: Triangles, Zigzags and Flats
Module 4: Applications - The anatomy of REAL trades I have announced and taken

Here’s What You’ll Learn From This Revolutionary Trading!

The EWME Video Course is without a doubt the finest, intensive and most effective program to learn the Wave Principle at your own pace that you ever thought possible.

The four modules will guide you through the entire Elliott Wave Theory, it’s rules, guidelines, Fibonacci Analysis, Risk Assessment and stop-loss placement. All practical applications of the Wave Principle that you can start using in your trading immediately, but NOT without guidance.

Each module literally breaks down the complete Elliott Wave Principle into small components to make it easier for you to understand and apply it, step by step.

All You Need To Know About Trends

In Module One, you have an overview of the Wave Principle where you become familiar with just 5 basic patterns so you can memorize them easily and effortlessly - without feeling overwhelmed.

By the end of the first module, you’ll know everything there is to know about trends, the two modalities of wave development and the 3 steps of a good trade, so you can achieve in the very first week, what most people fail to do after years of trading experience.

You get access to 6 easy videos during the first week so you can have enough time to watch just one video per day. That way, no matter how busy you might be, you will be able to truly assimilate the content of each video.

“How To Catch The Turn”

In Module Two you learn the secrets of “How To Catch The Turn”. Remember that phrase from Gordon Gekko in the movie “Wall Street”?

Well… in this module you learn how to “Catch the Turn” by projecting targets accurately, so you can take advantage of market turns often at the very extreme.

How To Identify Countertrend Moves

Module Three will be your Phd in Elliott Waves because it is here where you’ll master all the corrective structures.

Knowing everything about trends already puts you on the right side of the market most of the time. And identifying the corrective structures you become an expert at “catching the turns” IN THE DIRECTION OF THE TREND.

You’ll get 10 videos, each dedicated to explore a specific corrective pattern with examples in real markets. You won’t just look at drawings of ideal patterns; you’ll see real market situations and their application.

REAL Trades - REAL Applications

Module Four is pure trading applications: Many people are familiar with the principles of Elliott Wave, but when it comes to putting those principles into practice... well... they might run into difficulties.

In this module you learn to transform your newly acquired knowledge into a trading methodology. It is in this module where you’ll see the applications of everything you have learnt thus far and apply it to real markets. I’ll be showing you the anatomy of real trades.


You sparked a wonderful journey for me. I’ve developed my own form of technical analysis based on impulses, Fibonaccis, and some strange math. 

... Today I closed out 10k in options profit with no losses and took my first forex trades. 

This journey wouldn’t have started without your mentorship. Although I’m a stubborn man and refuse to do things the way anyone else does them, you were the catalyst for my journey. 

Thank you. You’ve changed my life. 


Bonus No. 2

Trading In The Cloud

Originally Sold for $497.00
and not available at any price: Yours FREE

This revolutionary course teaches you the correct interpretation and practical use of one of the easiest, and at the same time, utterly misunderstood indicators available: “The Ichimoku Cloud”.

I’ll take you by the hand in 8 short and easy to follow videos that show you from the very start of how “Ichimoku Sanjin” - the creator of the Clouds - started to add Moving Averages to determine the main trend in a very unconventional way, yet, extremely effective.

“Ichimoku Sanjin” was the pseudonym of Goichi Hosoda - a Japanese journalist who in the 1940’s began to effectively analyze share prices.

The video lessons cover, in the most simplified way possible, how the so called Cloud Charts are constructed. And I also show the avid student of every level, how to interpret the charts using examples of applications in real market conditions.

Most importantly, I’ll show you how to transform a very effective analytical tool into a complete trading methodology.

In fact, more than half the course is entirely devoted to show you - with the use of 40 charts of different instruments and time frames - how to trade with the Cloud.

The trading methodology that you learn in “Trading In The Cloud” ranges from position trades using weekly Cloud Charts, to easy scalping strategies based on very short term charts down to a 1 minute time frame.

“Trading In The Cloud” is a MUST for every trader and analyst who wants to have a tool that easily allows one to identify the trend, and who wants to trade “with the wind on his/her back” taking positions in the direction of the main trend.

Whether you’re a long term investor or a short term day trader, you’ll find “Trading In The Cloud” highly transformative and extremely valuable at the time of taking trading decisions.

Walk into any dealing room today and you’ll see that the most common charts being used are the Ichimoku Clouds. This course is the most comprehensive and ultimate guide to the use of these tool in an effective and easy way that traders of ALL levels can follow.

I dare to say, you will find my approach to Ichimoku Clouds an eye opener and a ground breaking, leading edge trading system.

I am so glad I made the decision to join the Guild.

As a novice trader, just starting to find my way in the world of trading, I joined Aldo's 5 day Elliott Wave Made Easy Bootcamp and learned so much in such a small timeframe that I followed up with the Accelerated course. After completing these courses, I was eager to keep the learning momentum going and then decided I would join the Technical Analysts Guild.

Aldo is a fantastic teacher who in a calm and clear manner, and in great detail, shares his vast knowledge of the Elliott Wave Principle and his Technical Analysis skills. He is open for questions and requests for explanation and takes the time to answer and explain this in great detail during the live sessions of the Guild.

As part of the Guild, I am able to join live online sessions on Mondays and Thursdays, where I can not only further hone my technical skills in analyzing the markets, but also learn new ways to analyze, make use of indicators and trading in general. The mental aspect of trading is not forgotten and on Mindset Mondays this part is explored and discussed. I am always looking forward to join these live sessions as it gives me new insights to help me in my trading. Every weekday Aldo posts his updated analysis of the 6 major USD pairs on the Guild website. I personally use these to check my own analysis and see if I understand the differences, this way I can keep learning and building my own technical trading skills. It is a great way to learn seeing alternative counts and possible trade setups, or to get my own analysis confirmed. This is a very valuable part for me and one of the main reasons I joined the Guild.

Another section on the Guild website is a library with online courses that I can follow at my own pace. Explaining the secrets on how to use Trendlines, the Cloud and many more technical trading tools. Fresh content is regularly added so I can keep learning and expanding on my trading knowledge.

I see the Technical Analysts Guild as a great investment in myself as I want to further strengthen my analytical skills, learn new ways to use the indicators I am already using and just keep expanding on my trading knowledge in general. I am so glad I made the decision to join the Guild.

Daniel Janssen

Düsseldorf - Germany

Düsseldorf - Germany

Bonus No. 3

Trend Line Mastery

Originally Sold for $500.00
and not available at any price: Yours FREE

4 Week Video Training Implementation Program

Simple, successful and unambiguous ways of using Trend Lines so you will improve your confidence and trading psychology.
How to make target projections in the future solely using trend lines so you can have better confirmation of your targets.
How to use trend lines to determine the exact turning point of a market so you too can Catch the Turn.
How to use trend lines to determine if the market is in a correction or trending phase.
High probability trade setups so you can stop that endless search for a good trade setup.

The ONE Single Trading Strategy That Has Worked Uninterruptedly For Decades And It Continues To Work Like A Swiss Clock Today

One of the common misconceptions about trading is that you need to know a lot of fancy stuff, news interpretation, as well as use a lot of indicators.

You don’t!

I recently took a $10K trade using one of the simple set ups I teach you in my Trendline Mastery Course without a single indicator and without knowing what was being reported in the news or how to interpret those reports.

That set up worked because...

It’s All About Trading In The Direction Of The Trend!

Before I started working as an analyst, I used simple trend line techniques to earn a living as a trader.

That’s right - I earned my income using two basic set ups that I teach you in the Trend Line Mastery Course. Well... to be honest you’ll discover that I teach you much more than just two safe ways to use trend lines to make money.

See... at the time of taking a trade, it doesn’t matter how much you know. What matters is the effectiveness of the technique you use that gives you the edge you need to win.

Obviously, beyond the strategy, you need a firm command of your emotions, your psychology. You need to know how you react and have clear strategies to counteract each one of your thoughts that could prevent you from taking a good trade or that could take you out of a winning trade without reason.

And in the Trend Line Mastery Course I give you many good strategies using the simplicity of the trend lines that help you immediately with some of your psychological issues because you get clear exact rules for when to enter and when to exit a trade.

You simply eliminate all ambiguity and get to experience what it means to trade without doubts knowing exactly where your trade is going wrong.

That’s because these are all strategies use by professional traders, NOT theory, not hypothetical “it sounds good on paper but fails in the real world techniques” that you find in YouTube videos.

These are all strategies learned over years of experience. I am literally giving you the secrets to my Trading Success.

Here's what our members think of TAG


Esther Zachariasse

Bonus No. 4

30 Days To Become A Better Trader

Originally Sold for $500.00
and not available at any price: Yours FREE

30 Audios that will help you to understand, develop and implement the essential requirements that allow you to become a successful trader.

The most detailed and profound exercises on mindfulness, and self awareness as they apply to trading.
Meditation and Breathing Exercises.
The most comprehensive training for the mind and brain.
Proven exercises to help optimize the functionality of your brain.

Here you’ll find 30 lessons containing the most comprehensive training for the mind and brain that can be found in the entire trading industry.

Each day, Kristin will take you on an amazing journey that will help you to understand, develop and implement the essential requirements that allow you to become a successful trader, together with the most detailed and profound exercises on mindfulness, meditation, breathing and self awareness as they apply to trading.

The lessons are ALL:

Practical, short, detailed and proven to help optimize the functionality of your brain.

Important topics that are hardly ever considered as key elements in trading success are thoroughly addressed with short and practical exercises to improve them. Hence you’ll find lessons on how to increase your confidence, how to grow your self-esteem, how to transform your trading obstacles, and even what to include in your trading plan.

Join The Technical Analysts Guild Now!

This is what you will get:

Four live training sessions every Monday.
Training videos every Thursday.
The daily forex forecast.
The recordings of the Live coaching and live training sessions.
Access to our T.O.P Indicator.

However, if you get the annual membership, with everything that comes with the monthly membership you will also get:

The Elliott Wave Made Easy Video Course (Originally Sold for $2,500.00)
Trading In The Cloud
(Originally Sold for $497.00)
Trend Line Mastery
(Originally Sold for $500.00)
30 Days To Become A Better Trader
(Originally Sold for $500.00)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this page and I look forward to seeing you on the next week trainings.


Prof. Aldo Lagrutta CEWE, MSTA, CFTe

Your Questions Answered

Can I cancel my subscription any time or will I be locked into a contract?

Of course you can cancel any time and we will not even ask you why 🙂 All you have to do is send us an email and we will cancel your subscription immediately. We make it easy for you to cancel because we only want members that are happy and fully satisfied with the program.

What happens if I cancel my membership after the first month?

Nothing happens! You still get the second month free! And you'll still be treated with the same care and respect 😉

Are the trainings really Live Training or are they all pre-recorded?

All our weekly meeting are live and interactive. You can ask any questions you may have and they will all be answered.

At what times are the trainings?

All our live training are at 2100 hours Berlin - 3:00 PM EST

If I can not attend at the time of the live training, will there be recordings?

Yes! ALL Training sessions are recorded and available for one week.

How long will I have access to the TOP indicator?

You can have access for as long as you are an active member.

Is the TOP indicator available in all trading platforms?

No! Currently it is only available in Tradingview.

Will I have to pay extra for anything?

Not at all! Everything we promised you on this letter is included in your membership. There are no cross sales, up sales or down sales. As a member you get it ALL!

Can I show my charts to see how I am doing?

Absolutely YES! Every Thursday you’ll have the opportunity to show your charts and be personally coached by Prof. Aldo Lagrutta. And yes, this coaching sessions are also included in the price of your membership.

What’s different about this program and so many other trading programs available on the net?

The first thing that is different is the amazing value you get for such a low price. Typically, people have to pay thousands of dollars just to get a fraction of what you get in the Technical Analysts Guild (TAG)

Secondly, the majority of those programs are run by people who have never traded. TAG program is run by an awarded Certified Market Technician who holds most international market designations.

Thirdly, you get to know the REAL trades we recommend and discuss way ahead of time. Some of these trades alone can pay for years of your membership.

And last but not least, we genuinely care for the progress of all our members! And Prof. Lagrutta and his advanced students do everything to help you in every way they can.

How many trades a day can I expect with your TOP Indicator?

TAG objective is to Create a Life of Abundance, Wealth and Freedom via the correct approach, study and Implementation of Technical Analysis. Hence, we’re not concerned with the amount of activity per day, week or month. Our primary concern is net profitability. And that’s what we teach our members.

How does automatic billing work? Will I be notified when you charge me?

Automatic Renewal is provided for the convenience of our subscribers. Membership is automatically renewed every 30 days (or yearly for an annual license). This helps prevent any interruption in service - which is particularly critical, as no one would like the indicators license to de-activate itself during a trading session.

Risk Disclosure: Derivative transactions, including futures, are complex and carry a high degree of risk. They are intended for sophisticated investors and are not suitable for everyone. Websites provide material for informational and educational purposes only and should in no way be construed as investment recommendations. Websites do not make recommendations in any securities, and do not provide financial, tax or legal advice. Please keep in mind, that risk of loss in electronic trading can be substantial. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of circumstances and financial resources.

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