Point & Figure Mastery Bootcamp

Point & Figure Mastery Bootcamp

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How To Break Through The Psychological Blockages Holding You Back From Succeeding As A Trader!

Yes! I want to create a stress-free and lucrative trading business using the High Level techniques for high performance you share with me.

I understand that the content of the TOP Performance Trader’s Program is drawn from the areas of Performance Psychology, Neuroscience, Behavioral Finance, and Cybernetic Transposition.

I do want to learn how to communicate with my unconscious mind and unleash its power to help me achieve ALL my conscious trading goals.

TOP Performance Trading Psychology Bundle

Week 1: Understanding the REAL reasons for losing in trading

PTP Module 1

GOAL: Absolute Clarity! 

In week 1 you get 10 videos where you learn the importance of behavioral finance, the brain, brain models, and even where your thoughts come from. This week is packed with information along with practical exercises to get you in touch with yourself and discover what you’re really after.

Here are the lessons you’ll be learning in this module:

Lesson 1: Behavioral Investing and Mastering The Inner Game
Lesson 2: The Brain
Lesson 3: The Onion Model
Lesson 4: The Trade Simulator and Connecting with the Unconscious
Lesson 5: Why aren’t you already the great Trader you always wanted to be?
Lesson 6: The 4 Week Rule
Lesson 7: Where Do Thoughts Come From?
Lesson 8: The Psychology of a Trade Part 1
Lesson 9: The Psychology of a Trade Part 2
Lesson 10: Exercise: What are you really after?

Week 2: Happiness & Success

PTP Module 2

GOAL: Understanding that happiness is not the result of being successful. Being successful is the result of being happy.

In this module we demystify goals and obliterate the misunderstanding that we want to achieve success to become happy.

No matter how negative you are or have been, in this module you learn powerful strategies to turn that around and create a state of positivity easily and automatically, so you can have a favorable mindset when you face the adversity, disappointment and uncertainty of the trading environment.

Believe me this is not one of those silly courses on trading psychology that asks you to repeat positive affirmations. In fact, we actually discuss why those typical affirmations that you learn in self-help courses and books don’t work. Instead, we teach you scientific techniques to develop resilience, self-confidence and how to build winning trading and investing behaviors unconsciously so you can overcome damaging bad trading habits.

It is in this module that you get an introduction to our 5 essential elements to your trading routine that ends up transforming your trading performance for good.

Here are the lessons:

Lesson 1: Your Bottom-Line Goal
Lesson 2: The Happiness Advantage Part 1
Lesson 3: Strategies to Create Positivity
Lesson 4 & 5: Essential Elements of your Trading Routine Part 1

Week 3: The Unconscious:

PTP Module 3

GOAL: To learn how to effectively communicate with your unconscious mind so you can harness its unlimited power.

In Week 3 you get practical answers to the question of how to communicate with your unconscious and develop the intuition that is so much needed in our profession.

You get secret and very practical knowledge to help you hear the voice of the unconscious, and you also learn proper ways to exercise visualization beyond what you learn in any self-help course.

It is in this module that you even receive self-hypnosis strategies.

You learn the following lessons:

Lesson 1: How to Communicate with your Unconscious
Lecture3.2 Lesson 2: How to Develop Intuition 3
Lesson 3: Letting the Voice of the Unconscious Speak
Lesson 4: Visualisation and The 5 Essential Elements of your Trading Routine Part 2
Lesson 5: The Happiness Advantage Part 2
Lesson 6 & 7: Exercises: Uncovering our Unconscious Beliefs about trading (2 parts)
Lesson 8: Exercise: The 5 minute Self-Hypnosis for Transformation and Self-Empowerment

Week 4: Re-wiring Your Brain

PTP Module 4

GOAL: To re-wire your brain for automatic trading success.

In week 4 we get into re-wiring your brain, and we go beyond what is commonly known about dealing with impulses, urges and temptations; we even help you understand how to eat for relaxation and what foods to avoid (yes, we are that thorough).

You get a full 21-day plan to completely transform your unconscious behaviour and to create a completely new unconscious program that suits your needs as a trader instead of being the victim of unconscious habit patterns that were formed before you even started to trade.

Not all unconscious habit patterns are your enemies. Some of those patterns likely served you at some point in your life, but they don’t work well for you anymore; at least not when it is related to your trading. So, we have to re-educate your unconscious on what is useful and what is not useful for you today. That’s why we have an entire module on how to rewire your brain in the TOP Performance Traders Program.

Because your unconscious negative habit patterns forced you to do so without you even noticing it or being able to do anything about it.

These are the subjects we will be covering:

Lesson 1 & 2: Exercise: Key Characteristics of the TOP Successful Trader ( 2 parts)
Lesson 3: How Happiness Rewires Your Brain
Lessons 4 & 5 Exercise: What We Resist, Persists ( 2 Parts)
Lesson 6: 21 Days to a New Brain
Lesson 7: Is Food Making You Stressed? Eating For Relaxation

Week 5: Practice does NOT make perfect.
Practice perfect makes PERFECT!

PTP Module 5

GOAL: To implement all the knowledge learned - Establish Your New SELF Image.

Module 5 helps you to implement the knowledge, theory and exercises you learnt in previous modules and to establish yourself in your new self-image. You become the trader you want to be, and you get the tools to do so.

One of the things we see with most courses for optimising performance, is that if people were able to implement even a small percentage of what they learned, their lives would be completely different, full of harmony, satisfaction and abundance. But most people do not implement what they learn.

So we included an implementation module where you learn how to evaluate your daily performance in a way that is fast, doable and realistic. What we measure, improves, and in this module, you learn what to focus on in order to measure it.

Would you like to access the higher layers of your mind where high faculties like intuition and self-confidence reside?

In week 5 you learn precisely how to access those layers.

Lesson 1: Review and 5 Prerequisites to be a Successful Trader
Lesson 2: Bumping Up Against the Trader’s Glass Ceiling
Lesson 3: Self-Protection for the Trader
Lesson 4: Exercise: Being the Great Trader You Envision
Lesson 5: Pinpointing Key Transformative Insights
Lesson 6: What We Measure Improves: Evaluating Your Daily Performance
Lesson 7: Exercise: Harnessing the Power of the NOW
Lesson 8: Accessing the Higher Layers of the Mind
Lesson 9: Training the Flow of Consciousness
Lesson 10 & 11: Exercise: Answers from your Unconscious

Week 6: Tools for BECOMING

PTP Module 6

GOAL: To Free Yourself From Negative Unconscious Beliefs and Habit Patterns.

In the last module you receive all the tools you need to become a bulletproof super trader. Here is where you even learn how to make proper affirmations instead of the lies the so called “experts” tell you to tell yourself, ignoring the stress that doing so implies.

You learn how to relax in seconds by applying a unique breathing exercise. This is the stuff that seals, CIA, and highly trained military get for the purpose of controlling their emotions under severely difficult and confrontational circumstances.

You’ll finally be able to free yourself from the limitations of the belief system that was likely imposed upon you and brought with it the set unconscious performance limits relevant to those beliefs. And you’ll be able to move forward freely with your own positive thoughts about yourself, your potential as a trader, your own chosen beliefs and programming, and your own conscious decisions.

In short, you’ll be able to overcome unconsciously set performance limits and blockers. Take a quick look at the invaluable material you’ll have access to:

Lesson 1 & 2: Exercise: Harnessing Deep Relaxation for Top Trading Performance
Lesson 3: The Trader’s Daily Preparation
Lessons 4: Shifting Focus to What You
Lesson 5: What Do You Commit to?
Lesson 6: Don’t Let Self-Sabotage Trick You
Lesson 7: Effective Affirmations
Lesson 8: Reinforcement Through Recognition
Lesson 9: Exercise: A Simple Way to Reduce Stress
Lesson 10: Exercise: Asking the Right Questions
Lesson 11: Exercise: Freeing Yourself Limiting Financial Beliefs

No matter what you decide to do today, I can promise you
one thing...
nobody gets lasting success alone.

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